My life

Halo guys welcome to my blog 😁 I hope u like to my post  so..cekidott

 name is thio Al maulid I don't know why my parents give me this name like a boy so u can call me thio or alma whteva u want hhe  but behind the name there is story,now I am 18 years old and I have four sister and one youngbrother anyway  I'm student at English department of politehnic sriwijaya palembang and I think I'm so lucky can join there,I'm form shs 1 palembang and then joined to drumband tarantula I love so much to drumband since it I'm so excited to drum and belong to now I played a drum and also I joined to community divisi regional drummer palembang ,if I have free time always to learn and practice to a playing at home, I want to be like jp millenix she the best drummer of Indonesian but that I'm not a to be the best drummer but I'm want to be entrepreneurship bcause drum is my hobby not my ambition..

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