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        Any woman wants the perfect appearance. Unfortunately, not all clothing trends are suitable for them to wear. One obstacle is having a body posture that is not too high. Especially at the same time with a relatively small body weight, which sometimes makes you less confident.

Of course, You have to know to get around this unfavorable posture to keep it looking attractive and stylish. Watch out!

1. Pay attention to the combination of trousers, tops, shoes, and bags. Everything must look simple and not make it hard to look at

pakai celana ngatung

1. Choose high wasted pants that will emphasize the waist and create an optical illusion, that your posture is higher than it really is. 

2. You can fold the edge of the pants as long as you don't get it too high.

3. Wear a crop top or put your tops in your pants.

we recommend using shoes with pointed edges to display a long impression on your feet.

4. Instead of carrying a bag that is too big, you should use a small sling bag that is the right size for your body.

2. Most petite girls are wrong when wearing a dress canal, just deserve to be more visible ‘drowned’.

 pakailah terusan dengan benar

1. Choose one-color overalls so that your body looks long.2. The ideal arm's length for a petite girl is 3/4. So roll up, yeah!

3. Do not forget to wear a belt that is not too wide with a contrasting color, so that your waist is not too wide and looks slim

3. Wearing a vertically striped shirt is indeed preferred, but wearing a horizontal striped shirt is also not requested. Provided you are good at matching subordinates.

awas baju bergaris!

1. Avoid horizontal stripes that cover your upper and lower body, because it will make you look shorter than you really are.
2. Wear a black midi skirt, don't forget to put the shirt up to the waist level.

3. Choose shoes with the same color as your skin color so that your feet look ladder.

4. Well, you can also be stylish with loose pants, you know. Do not forget to always pay attention to your top so it is easy to see.

1. Choose bright colors that are suitable for tops and loose pants.

2. Do not let your boss droop down, put on pants that are raised to the waist.

3. If you choose a long-sleeved top, try to always roll up because the 3/4 arm always looks more proportionate to a greenish girl.

5. Do not waste, the use of a pencil skirt that is very likely to make your posture higher. Observe the rules!

rok pensil

The key is only one, wear a top tucked into a pencil skirt. Never let it hang over the skirt if you don't want to fail to look tall!

6. Choose shoes and accessories that are suitable so that your efforts look higher.

pilih sepatu dan asesoris yang tepat

1. Wear neutral-colored shoes that make your feet level. Black shoes will only give a short and heavy effect.

2. Choose accessories that extend across the neck and chest, don't over-insist on wearing a small necklace that actually makes your neck look tight.

Well, now that you're not confused anymore, right, how are the tricks to make your posture look taller?

From now on avoiding the wrong habits that this blogger mentioned earlier, yes. I hope this helps!

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