how important an appearance in our lives?

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"How things look on the inside of us depends on how things are on the outside of us." 

- Tio Alma - 

          I agree with the above quote, How about you? I guess you are still not sure. Well, let's find out.  Being the best one is everyone's hope, but if we want to be the best grades we must look best first, People always judge based on what they have seen first.

         Do you know what the people see first when meeting with someone? yes, you are right the answer is apparent.  Appearance is one important element in human life whether, at home, work/career, social life, or even looking for a mate, You will always be judged by your appearance. We were raised not to judge a book by its cover, but honestly, it is a very impractical suggestion because it can only be done by people who have the opportunity to get to know you personally. Many people say "Don't judge a book by its cover", but the reality of life that we face is always we will judge and argue based on what we see. 

here are some advantages if you are very concerned with appearance

 1. Creating a positive first impression

           By still looking at your best, you can become an attractive person. You also must have realized that it's so important the moment of first impressions in any case. Not only from attitude but also, of course, your appearance.
It is human nature that they like to judge people based on what they see. Humans tend to formulate initial opinions about someone before they have a conversation together. This indicates that the clothes you wear will have a direct effect on everyone's assumptions about you.

2. Clothing can improve social status in your environment

          The clothes you wear can help improve people's reactions to you. The social environment is something that is very closely related to visual problems. A person who is well dressed will usually experience better treatment than someone who looks just ordinary. It does not matter who the person is and what his position is. The clothes you wear can show your character in the eyes of strangers who don't know you more deeply in a social environment. Because in a social environment with many strangers in it, they cannot judge you more deeply before interacting except from your appearance .

3. The best appearance helps increase self-confidence

                Not a few motivational books or self-help that says to keep paying attention and "take control" of one's appearance. This is indeed proven for those of us who previously had a feeling of inferiority or lack of confidence, after trying to improve their appearance, new motivation, and extraordinary self-confidence will emerge.
The common obstacle that is common is that most men are still not confident in what is needed, still doubt whether the clothes fit their bodies.
His tips are to keep trying, "just try," try "to find suitable clothing. Don't rely too much on trends. Look for clothes that are comfortable and fit. When you are comfortable, you are confident that it will influence the behavior you want.

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