How to Make Passive income Working from home?

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          No need to work from morning to night, there are some creative businesses that actually add to the coffers passively you know.This is called a passive source of income if we don't need to do something that tends to take a lot of time. Before listening one by one from the sources of passive income that we can get, do you know what passive income is?                  When you are short of cash, usually the thought is working longer hours such as working overtime or adding a side job, right? Or you go the other way by asking for a raise so you can generate more income.

That way you could have taken to increase your income, but it turns out there are many other ways to supplement your income without even having to exchange your time or work with a higher amount of time.

1. Create a Blog

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            Creating a blog can be a potential source of your passive income. Pete Cashmore is the CEO and founder of the world-famous Mashable Blog, which covers everything from technology and business to social media, entertainment and lifestyle.
         According to The Richest website, Blog Mashable is the largest independent site and is included in the list of 10 world bloggers with the highest income ranging from US $ 100,000 - US $ 500,000 every month.
            If you can use your blog and create a lot of value and usability for many people, you can produce a different amount. If your viewer traffic is very large, this will invite the flow of Rupiah coffers into your bank account. The faster you start, the faster the income stream can grow.

You can start with simple posts, such as your traveling diary or cooking hobby that inspires others to see and learn from your blog.

2. Online Store 

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            Steve Chou's wife is one of the online shop entrepreneurs who ventured to quit his job and pursue a business that was moved from the house itself.
Last year's income alone could reach US $ 100,000, equivalent to Rp1.45 billion.
Enjoy a source of passive income through selling products online only from your private home.

3. Sell Your Camera Capture

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             Do you like photography?When you are walking in the park or when you see the beautiful and unique scenery and capture it in a form of camera capture, you might be able to turn it into a source of passive income. Photography websites like Shutterstock can provide you with a platform to sell your photos. They might offer a percentage or a flat fee for each photo sold to clients.You only need to create your photo portfolio, put it on one or more photo platforms, and then your income becomes completely passive. All technical sales of photos are handled through the website platform.

4. Become a Vlogger

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         You can make videos in almost any area that you like, such as music, tutorials, opinions, comedy, movie reviews (whatever you want or like you) then you can upload it on YouTube. Furthermore, you can post Google Adsense videos too, which will overlay your videos with automatic ads. When a YouTube account visitor clicks on the ad, you will get additional money from Adsense.Of course you have to make an interesting video that has an appeal to the visitors of your YouTube account and supports the video on social media websites.

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