The danger of Corona Virus, Here are 2 types of masks that need to be known

Hasil gambar untuk pakai masker
A type of Health Mask 

    A new type of coronavirus, Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that appears in China continues to be a global public concern. According to Chinese authorities, until January 28, 2020, more than 4,515 people were infected with a coronavirus novel. Of these figures, at least 106 died due to severe pneumonia caused by the coronavirus.

Behind the ferocious attack of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, finally, there is good news that surfaced. As reported in various international and national mass media, there are hundreds of victims of the coronavirus recovering from the infection

            The question is, how to prevent this mysterious coronavirus attack? According to experts at Medicine National Institutes of Health - MedlinePlus, there are various ways that we can do. From washing hands thoroughly, avoiding contact with sick people, to avoid touching birds or wild animals.

In addition, do not also forget the importance of the role of masks that are considered to minimize the risk of contracting this virus.

Well, here are some types of masks and their benefits and ways to use them.

 1. Surgical Masks

Hasil gambar untuk pakai masker

Many people use surgical masks as antipollution masks. In fact, surgical masks have fewer filter layers than simple masks (pollution masks).

Actually, this surgical maker serves to inhibit the spread of infection, not air filters. Therefore, when outside the room and use it as an antipollution mask, certainly not as effective as a respirator or simple mask.

This surgical mask can help block large particles and sparks from the mouth and nose of the wearer. In addition, this mask can also reduce exposure to saliva and respiratory secretions from the wearer to others. Then, how to use this mask?

 how simple? First, attach the mask to the nose and mouth, then attach the strap to the ear. Then, pull the bottom part of the mask until it covers the bottom of the chin. Next, press the top of the mask on the nose, so it is tight and comfortable to wear.

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