Who doesn't want to be Cool looking and

make a lot of people More Interested?

         Appearance can be described as a form of an image of a person. wherever and whenever when we meet with people, People will judge us from appearance and immediately guess how the nature of ourselves.  Every woman would want an attractive appearance. Nowadays many people are competing to look attractive, trendy and fashionable especially in front of people they like, Even now some are willing to spend a lot of money to look attractive in front of couples, friends, family, and others, by going to a salon to take care of the body, buy expensive makeup, or buy expensive clothes. Its can make your money savings drained, but there are still many ways to appear and be fashionable and cool even in a sudden condition where you don't know what clothes you will be wearing, but don't worry for a while you will know the answer with clothes hack old clothes and it can save more money.Let's Check it out!

Let's do what can be done about mix and match clothes for women!

 These are all interesting things to do, but you don't have to worry about doing things, rest assured everyone can do it.

1. Wearing colours wheel guide

You have to know what color associations are and how they strengthen or soften each other to make it look more attractive.

              you can use matching colors like pastels, calm colors or also a monochrome combination of black and white and gray in addition to being able to attract black and white eyes is  suitable color to attend the impression that is not bored at various formal events

           Once you understand this relationship, you begin to see how well the colors are to mix.

2.  Minimalist or simply ideas outfit

Minimalist style is currently loved by many people.  Yes, the minimalist concept can indeed be applied in various fields ranging from lifestyle, home interior design, to fashion style.

           Especially for fashion This minimalist fashion style can make you look simple but still stylish, elegant and modern.

It doesn't have to be black and white, a good color the combination can also make your minimalist style more eye catching.

3. Use the simple accecories
So that the more optimal appearance using accessories is the simplest trick.  But how do you make it look different every day?

       Actually, combining accessories with clothing can give the impression of a different appearance change, but you also need to know which accessories can be used for everyday appearance. Do not get the wrong choice of accessories and eventually become too excessive, because it will not be unsightly anymore, for example, you can combine your outfit with, such as wristwatches or bracelets or other so that it can make you look more fashionable.

Now that is an explanation and advice for those of you who like to be stylish so that your appearance looks extraordinary and fashionable every day.

Let's do it girls!

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