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     Everyone must have experienced heartache, and felt that it was the worst thing in life, wanted to feel crying and screaming loudly expressing the contents of the heart that the heart is disappointed with the people we trust even we love, but unfortunately at that time you were not know what to do can only be silent and feel the deepest pain, feeling hurt does not feel good, but hurt if left will become a grudge, in addition to revenge hurt also if allowed to affect physical health and even mental health.

        Revenge or hurt that causes this stress will gradually disrupt your daily life. Depressed, easily emotional, insomnia, until the heartburn because they do not want to eat can occur because of the many thoughts. You will continue to dwell on the past. To avoid this, you need to try tricks to get rid of hurt that you can do so that life is better.

1. Aware of  Reality

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          Not everyone will behave according to what you expect. Often, our expectations will be someone who can later make us hurt when that person is not what you want. Everyone must have made a mistake. From these mistakes or trials, we can learn from it.

              Try to accept reality. If indeed you are not with him anymore. Whether it's because of death, or separation because one and the other agrees. That is God's way of meeting you with someone who is new and is predestined to be a partner with you. How to get rid of hurt by accepting this fact can help you to get up and become someone who is even more difficult.

2. Stop stalking or find out about it. 

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              Usually, the beginning of separation is a severe condition. Furthermore, if your relationship has been going on for years and has begun in a serious stage. The heartache that you are experiencing will certainly be very imprint, it is better if it causes your separation because the parents and the third person are your own friends. Automatically you will immediately lose the two people you really love and trust.
          After accepting the reality, another way to get rid of heartache is to stop looking for information about it. This will only add to the hurt you want if they are happy in the end.

3. Donate or return items that remind him.

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           Items that are given away or that hold memories can also trigger your memories with them. Remembering happy moments with him will actually make it difficult for you to move on because you will continue to be in a happy past. Thus, it will be difficult when there are new people better than him present in your life.

           The next way to get rid of hurt is to donate things that remind you of him. In addition to charity, you can also more easily accept reality and not be hindered by the past.

4. Write your thoughts and feelings.

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            Writing is one way that you can do to release stress. By writing down all thoughts, feelings of disappointment with everything that is hidden in your mind and heart will flow out. Of course, everything is overflowing in writing, of course it will make you more calm. But remember, don't write it on social media that can be read by others. Make this article only you know. Because if you launch it, it's the same that you're opening up your problems and disgrace. And keep in mind, not everyone will help you, there are also people who will actually be happy for your heart.

5. Focus on your hobbies.

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                The next way to get rid of hurt is to be busy with your hobbies. When you are busy and focus on what you like, then you can immediately choose who is hurt.

                Channeling your hobby will hone your skills that will upgrade you. Thus, the skills needed will bring someone interested in you. Many couples who meet and eventually unite because they have the same hobby. So, don't be discouraged and don't despair.

6. Start exercising

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           Apart from channeling hobbies and writing, exercise is also good for your physical and mental health. When you exercise, the body releases endorphins which make you happier and calmer. Occasionally try yoga exercises to practice focus and breathing so you can be calmer.

7. Spend your time with friends or family.

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Often when we have a partner, we rarely spend time or spend time with family and friends because we are too focused on partners. It's natural,  If your partner becomes a priority in your life.

        Perhaps, by separating you as a reminder that there are still many people who love you for who you are by accepting all your weaknesses and strengths even when you have forgotten them and they still accept you. Friends and family.

8. Join some of social activities

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              Another way to get rid of hurt is to do a lot of charity by participating in social activities. The Charity can make your heart more spacious. Another benefit of participating in social activities is that you can add insight, develop your concern, train your leadership, and of course be rewarded if you do it willingly.
             For example, becoming a disaster volunteer, teaching volunteers or other volunteers. You will be more open with circumstances and more eager to be grateful and live life.

9. Follow positive activities

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          Aside from being a volunteer, another way to get rid of heartaches is to take part in other positive activities, such as attending seminars or workshops that will later increase your skills. Following this positive activity will also provide a positive environment for you. Who knows you will meet your soul mate there.

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