Easy Steps to grow Healthy nails

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           As a woman, you must be very concerned about your appearance from head to toe. Nails are one part of the body that must be treated. If you are one of the people who are less fortunate because you have nails that are difficult to grow and break easily, you can treat your nails in  The following ways:

1. Consumption of Healthy Foods and Vitamins

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            To have healthy and strong nails, you must consume healthy foods and vitamins. Nails are made from keratin which is derived from protein. Chicken and salmon are good intakes because they contain biotin to help grow nails. Don't forget to consume vitamins A, B, and C or you can choose vegetables and fruits with vitamin content such as spinach and avocado.

2. Always Maintain Moisture Nails

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         It is recommended to always use hand cream regularly to keep your nails moist. When you apply hand cream, don't forget to apply it to all nails and cuticles. If you rarely use hand cream, the condition of your nails will be very dry and will cause your nails to break easily. You can replace hand cream with coconut oil and almond oil as an alternative.

3. Do not open hard objects with nails

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          Avoid opening hard objects using your nails. Although you have done a lot of care for your nails, you have to keep your nails well Routine Manicure Careso that they remain well-groomed and grow.

4. Routine Manicure Care

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         You should routinely perform manicure treatments to maintain the cleanliness, health, and beauty of your nails. If you want to try using fake nails, try with a manicure gel that can make nails long-lasting and not easily damaged if you have a lot of activity.

5. Eliminate Nail Biting Habits

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         Try to stop the habit of nail-biting. In addition to your nails growing well, this is also for the health of your body. Can you imagine if your hands and nails are dirty, then the bacteria enters the body so you are infected with the disease? Say NO!

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