Hasil gambar untuk gaya rambut wanita 2020

           The latest hairstyle trend 2020 has several repetitions of last year's hair trends. Based on the observation of All Things Hair, in 2020 predicted shoulder-length hair models will still be popular. The use of accessories will also be a trend, from the use of headband to pearls on braids.

Curious for the latest 2020 hairstyles that you want to monitor?  Check out the complete list below!

1.  Blunt Cut Bob

Hasil gambar untuk 1. Blunt Cut Bob

          Bob's hair style never fades, because the minimalist pieces, suitable for you who do not want to be too bothered in hair care. Bob hair style in general will make you look more fresh. Well, the blunt cut bob that will be a trend in 2020 has two effects at once, namely fresh and edgy! You can style hair with this cut with straight hair or given a little wave to give the impression of a more volume hair.

2. 1970’s Long Cut

Hasil gambar untuk 1970’s Long Cut

          This hairstyle was born from the hippie movement in the 1970s. Long and straight hair became very popular in this era. In its development not only straight hair, but with a few waves and bangs that are rather long, can be exposed to the middle or left alone.This hairstyle is very easy and lasting, just because people always have long straight hair. Because it's simple and eternal! Shh, don't forget to always treat your hair with anti-hair shampoo and conditioner so that your long hair does not split off and break, okay!

3. Baby bangs

Hasil gambar untuk Baby Bangs

         If in 2017 Korean-style open bangs became a trend everywhere, now is the time for baby bangs to take over the trend for bangs! This type of bangs is not for everyone, it depends on the shape of the face, facial features, according to personal tastes. Well, but the positive, this hair style is suitable to be combined with any hairstyle, from bob, shaggy, to as many pixie.This hairstyle will definitely remind you of classic 60s celebrities like Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor. Also, many people who support this short film look very French, maybe because the film Amelie (2001) played by Audrey Tautou is very popular.

4. Korean Perm 

Hasil gambar untuk Korean Perm

             Korean Perm is a hair curling technique with a very natural finish, focusing on bounciness, volume, and perfectly framing the face. So people who have done Korean Perm look like they come out of a salon every day!
As we all know that South Korean beauty trends are so popular in Indonesia because they are very natural and beautiful. For endurance this hairstyle itself can be from 6 to 10 months, you know! 
How to Are you ready to have a hairstyle similar to K-Pop Idol?

That's the fourth trend for women's hair for 2020. Which trend do you want to try? Share your thoughts with us!

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