Hasil gambar untuk summer outfit
Outfit of summer

              Summer is approaching in the year 2020, do not miss the trend that will hit on spring/summer later. Outfit with a diverse motif to the unique cutting is ready to make you look more standout. It can be a source of inspiration for a summer holiday outfit or just a stroll through the day.You need to keep it up!

            Are you still haven't get a clue for the fashion spring/Summer 2020 trend? Tio has summarized them below, So let's find out!

1. Crochet/Knitted Handmade

          In this summer weather, do not hurt to choose an outfit that not only makes the appearance better but also consider the comfort of the body when wearing it. Clothes that warm the body like knitting material, especially suitable if used to fit into the summer one of them go to the beach. 

2. Dress with pastel color

             Summer is a great time to style like a holiday every day! This kind of dress will be seen in many summers. Pastel colors are also predicted to be trending this summer. 

This Dress you can match with any footwear; Heels, slip-on sandals, sneakers, or even sandals mountain!

3. Fun Prints

4.  Short Pants Combined with Bright Top 

         Hasil gambar untuk short pants outfit

        Last but not least, shorts! The room is clean and breakfast is good. The most mandatory items you must-have for summer vacation preparation. Besides being simple, shorts also make you easy motion Anywhere! Shorts are suitable for you to take the road then! Eitss do not forget to also mix with a bright top, because the bright colors are very cool in the summer! Let's prepare the shorts and sunny over the girl!

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