Types of Lipstick You should know!

Lipstick Types, Colours & Their Meaning | Western Cosmetics - Kenya

            Makeup is a women's favorite that is often done every day. Makeup tools that can't be forgotten are lipsticks that have various benefits. Not only using facial makeup, but lipstick also provides other benefits such as lips, increase self-confidence, disguise the lack of lips, improve mood, and to be different.

     Various kinds of lipstick that circulate in cosmetics stores might make you confused about choosing the most suitable lipstick. To choose the right lipstick, you need to recognize the various types of lipstick and its uses. If you already know the types of lipstick and its function, another consideration is choosing the recommended makeup brand, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the type of lipstick.

         In addition to beautifying themselves, lipstick is also beneficial for health such as covering dry or chapped lips by using lipstick with high moisturizing content. Therefore, knowing the ingredients or composition of lipstick can make you more confident in choosing the most suitable lipstick. 

1. Creamy Lipstick

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           This cream-shaped lipstick produces a polished effect that isn't too shiny with a texture that feels comfortable on the lips. Cream-colored lipstick that contains a waxy substance (wax) that is useful for protecting lips from direct sunlight can make the lip color look more prominent.

          It's better if the use of creamy lipstick is not excessive to prevent dry lips. The use of a creamy lipstick is perfectly combined with a lip liner or lip pencil with matching colors so that the lipstick looks more presentable and long-lasting. To produce a matte effect, you can stick and press with a tissue on the lips.

2. Lip Liner

            Lip liner or also called lip pencil is widely used by girls in their lip makeup so that lipstick makeup looks more presentable and long-lasting. The use of lipstick that is too shiny and rich in lip balm  makes it quickly fade. This can be overcome by using a lip pencil before applying lipstick.

         Lip pencil that functions as a lip sharper can make lips look more beautiful can have the desired effect. In addition, the lip liner makes more lip volume by applying a color one level above your natural lip color.

3. Sheer/Gloss Lipstick


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