Winter Skincare Routine, Makes your skin be safe

Pictures of skincare in winter

             Visiting a country in winter will certainly be fun, served if it is your first experience. Even though it feels good, you still need to be careful. The reason, sudden weather changes can cause changes in the skin. If you are lazy or even reluctant to do skincare, all skin problems can arise. One of the most vulnerable skin problems that occur in winter or cold climates is dryness. Well, if you don't want this to happen.

 here's your skincare routine that you need to return when you're in a cold climate. Anything?

1. Using a softer formula facial cleanser 

A sudden drop in weather temperature often affects changes in the skin, especially if you are in a cold climate. Different climate, it will also be different skincare products used. Therefore, you must adjust or adapt to the needs of skin changes. For example, when living in a cold country, use a facial wash whose formula is softer and able to moisturize. Besides, make it a habit to start using serum under moisturizer to keep the skin always hydrated and avoid dryness.

2. Using Sunscreen

Although the use of sunscreen is generally used to protect the skin from the sun, it does not mean this product is not needed when you live in a cold climate country. Whatever activity you do, both indoors and outdoors in the winter, never forget the sunscreen. Even in cold climates, sunlight still has the potential to damage the skin. Now, even though UVA exposure decreases during winter, you certainly don't want to experience skin problems because UVA can be one of the triggers for the appearance of signs of aging. Even worse, UVA rays can also darken skin color.

3. Apply toner containing alcohol

Another common misconception that women often do is assume toner is only needed during the summer. You consider your skin to dry easily due to cold weather, so you don't need to apply toner. Using toner when winter is still needed to help shrink pores. Now, so that the skin does not become dry, use an alcohol-free toner. Also, you can use rose water to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

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